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Falling In Love and Falling Out Of Love

All my life, I have had a terrible record of falling in love and falling out of love. Some of my relationships have been very bad and some have been very good. My bad relationships can be blamed on both me and my mate but my good relationships is the one I am most surprised with the way they ended even though they were very good at times. In all, I have discovered one fact about me,  and that is the happiest times of my life are those times that I have someone special in my life. The idea that I have someone to love when I get home from work, someone in my bed at night and someone putting smiles on my face all day makes me happy. Also, the saddest times of my life besides life’s other problems is when I have no one to love or someone to love me. I have always managed to go from being lonely to being happy because of a relationship and then go from being happy to being sad and lonely just like that, and because of these personal falling in love and falling out of love have made me wonder if I am alone in this love department. If I have to grade myself, I will give myself an “F” grade for love and relationship subject and it is because of this love relationship roller coaster that has given me this quest to find a path to a happy relationship ending.  I feel I can help myself and others if I can find ways to make people including me fall in love and stay in love because I know that I am not alone. I sometimes wonder why I managed to screw up even those relationships that I am happily involved in? Is it in our human nature to mess up good things or is it because good things are not met to last for ever?. This is my quest in life because I have made up my mind to find love and happiness and never to fall out of love the next time around. I need you all lovers and relationships enthusiast world wide to join me to find out why and what to do about love and relationships that last for ever.

Please Love One Another and Never Go To Bed Angry At Your Lover.


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