How Do You Handle Your New Relationship, First Date, First Kiss, and First Sex?

Congratulation! you are now in a relationship or are you? You saw someone you are interested in, you told them that you like them and lucky for you, they like you also and you both agreed to be in a relationship. Now how do you move forward in this fresh newly minted relationship? You know everyone wants to be sure that what ever their about to get into is real and they wants an assurance that they will be happy with you. Some have experience disappointments in the love and relationship department before while  others  have been in this territory before but yet they are willing to take the chance to try it one more time.  How do you plan to keep it interesting during this exploration stage of your relationship? Do you hold back on some of the things you normally do or are you ready to let this new person in your life know all there is to know about you? How do you love and how do you want to be loved?  What are your intention for this new love taking under consideration that you are both skeptical of each other, do you trust right away or do you keep you fingers cross?.  Do you want to know this person by being around them all the time  or do you hasting things up by asking for a kiss, a hug or a romantic night at the your house, their house or at a hotel?.  What are the clues that you are most interested  in this person? Positive clues or negative clues.  Are you willing to give it a 100% try or are you just testing the water?. When do you start feeling comfortable about this person to start calling them your significant other and do you love right away or do you reserve some of your feelings? What are your deal brake or deal maker at this point in your relationship? is it their look, manners, habits, dress code, the way they talk, they way they treat you in general?  Are you mindful of your behavior or their feelings? Are you satisfied enough to hold, love and cherish this person you barely even know, get romantic,  settle down and make this person your future?  Are you in fully, partially  or are you out? I want to know and I know America wants to know.




So you Found the Right Person, Now How Do You Tell Them That You Are Interested?

After you decided that you want a relationship, now how do you go about finding that special someone is the question. Dating sites today dominate the internet and you see it on TV and every media of one form of dating site or the other. What do you do America and how do you tell that person you like so much that you are interested. What do you worry about most? Rejection of what to do if that person is also interested in you? Where do you prefer to meet your special someone? On a dating sight, social networking sites, in the mall, at church, grocery store or even at the traffic  light. Maybe at the game and other social gathering. How about friends referral or blind dates. What ever meeting point you prefer, it can be a stressful event for some people  especially if you are a shy person. Personally, I use all of the above except at a church. What about you? I want to know and I know America wants to know.

The Need To Date And Find Love!

Why do people love? When do people decide that they want someone in their life? What about you? What was the reason that made you decide to look for someone special in your life. Was it for sex or was it true love?  Was it your first time to seek love or was it a second, third or even fourth try to find love and happiness. Personally, the first time I wanted to be with someone was the need to experiment sex. I didn’t know what love was then but I know that I wanted to be with someone to have sex with and I thought I wanted to have a girl friend but I was to young to know what to do with a relationship.  I knew there was some kind of attraction but it wasn’t love. Lust maybe but certainly, it wasn’t love.  However, in my subsequent love and relationship quest, some were as a result of loneliness and companionship.  Think  about yourself and the first, second or third time you went for a relationship. What was the circumstance? I want to know and I know America wants to know.