The Need To Date And Find Love!

Why do people love? When do people decide that they want someone in their life? What about you? What was the reason that made you decide to look for someone special in your life. Was it for sex or was it true love?  Was it your first time to seek love or was it a second, third or even fourth try to find love and happiness. Personally, the first time I wanted to be with someone was the need to experiment sex. I didn’t know what love was then but I know that I wanted to be with someone to have sex with and I thought I wanted to have a girl friend but I was to young to know what to do with a relationship.  I knew there was some kind of attraction but it wasn’t love. Lust maybe but certainly, it wasn’t love.  However, in my subsequent love and relationship quest, some were as a result of loneliness and companionship.  Think  about yourself and the first, second or third time you went for a relationship. What was the circumstance? I want to know and I know America wants to know.