So you Found the Right Person, Now How Do You Tell Them That You Are Interested?

After you decided that you want a relationship, now how do you go about finding that special someone is the question. Dating sites today dominate the internet and you see it on TV and every media of one form of dating site or the other. What do you do America and how do you tell that person you like so much that you are interested. What do you worry about most? Rejection of what to do if that person is also interested in you? Where do you prefer to meet your special someone? On a dating sight, social networking sites, in the mall, at church, grocery store or even at the traffic  light. Maybe at the game and other social gathering. How about friends referral or blind dates. What ever meeting point you prefer, it can be a stressful event for some people  especially if you are a shy person. Personally, I use all of the above except at a church. What about you? I want to know and I know America wants to know.


America! How Is Your Relationship?

Hi America! I thought I set up this blog for people all over the country and around the world to express themselves and tell the world their relationship feelings and stories. I have been in one  form of relationship or the other since I was a child and today, I am also in a relationship which I will share with the world as I develop this blog pages. I want everyone to know that each and everyone of you can have a voice here, be a part of this journey  to find out why our relationships is the way it is and to find ways to improve and grow into a healthy relationships. My question to you is how is you relationship past or present? Has your relationship been good, bad, or ugly and is your relationship one made for headline or TV? I want to know and I am sure the world wants to know. Send audio, video or prints and maybe you will be feature in our relationship video posts. I also wants to know of marriages, divorces, honeymoons and I especially wants to know of people that have been in a relationship for a long time.  Why are some people very good lover and others bad? what makes a good romance and how can you tell a good kisser? When it comes to relationships, there are many questions that needs to be answered so that we can start putting the puzzle together on how to build a good love stories.